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Skyhawk Close I Airport Industria

Skyhawk Close

New Industrial Property Development in Airport Industria. Situated in the coveted Golf Air Park precinct of Airport Industria, Skyhawk Close presents an unparalleled opportunity for logistics, freight, forwarders, and courier businesses seeking prime commercial space. With convenient access to King Air Boulevard, Robert Sobukwe Road (M10), and the N2 highway, this location offers unrivaled connectivity to major transportation routes.

Key Features:

2,000sqm to 8,000sqm warehouse boxes and offices tailored to tenant specifications

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESG) principles incorporated

Green Star rated for eco-conscious operations

Sprinklers installed to first fix for enhanced safety

Flexible warehouse access for streamlined operations

Abundant yard space and parking facilities for staff and visitors

24-hour security surveillance for peace of mind

Battery backup options available for uninterrupted operations

Locality Map: Skyhawk Close, Airport Industria (off King Air Boulevard), Cape Town

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your space at Skyhawk Close and elevate your business operations to new heights. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and take the first step towards your business’s success!

Skyhawk Close I Airport Industria

Airport Industria stands tall as the quintessential industrial epicenter for businesses seeking prime operational space. Renowned for its seamless integration into the city’s logistical framework, this dynamic precinct offers an array of benefits tailored to industrial property users.

Strategic Location: Nestled adjacent to Cape Town International Airport, Airport Industria provides unparalleled accessibility to major transportation arteries, including the N2 highway and Robert Sobukwe Road (M10). This strategic positioning ensures seamless connectivity to key logistical hubs, facilitating efficient distribution networks and streamlined supply chain operations.

Hub of Industrial Excellence: With a rich tapestry of industrial facilities ranging from warehouses and distribution centers to manufacturing plants, Airport Industria caters to a diverse array of industrial needs. The precinct’s robust infrastructure, coupled with its proximity to essential amenities and services, fosters an environment conducive to business growth and operational efficiency.

Logistical Advantage: Boasting extensive yard space, ample parking facilities, and flexible warehouse configurations, Airport Industria offers industrial users the versatility they need to optimize their operational workflows. Furthermore, the precinct’s commitment to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices aligns seamlessly with modern industry standards.

Thriving Business Community: As a bustling hub of economic activity, Airport Industria cultivates a vibrant business ecosystem characterized by collaboration, innovation, and opportunity. Whether you’re a logistics firm, manufacturing enterprise, or distribution center, Airport Industria provides the ideal backdrop for industrial success.

Seize the Opportunity: For industrial property users seeking a strategic advantage and a gateway to success, Airport Industria offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and expansion. Embrace the synergy of location, infrastructure, and community in this thriving industrial precinct, and propel your business towards new heights of achievement.


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